Brooke Boone

Holy Yoga

Brooke Boon is passionately dedicated to serving the Lord in love through commitment and devotion to His Son Jesus Christ.

A yoga practitioner since 1998, Brooke longed to share the intimate relationship she experienced with God on her yoga mat. In 2003, she founded Holy Yoga, an international 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry. Brooke is the creator of Holy Yoga's 95-, 225- and 500-hour Instructor Training Programs, and facilitates the education of hundreds of certified Holy Yoga instructors worldwide. Holy Yoga instructors now provide more than 175 classes each week in the United States and Canada, and has expanded into Japan, Philippines, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, India, Afghanistan and Africa.

Brooke is also the driving force behind the development of Holy Yoga's growing outreach programs that include mentoring, international mission, donor and online Bible study programs.

Brooke is the co-author of Hatha Yoga Illustrated, released in five languages and has sold more than 280,000 copies. She is also the author of Holy Yoga: Exercise for the Christian Body and Soul, which has sold more than 40,000 copies. Brooke produced seven Holy Yoga DVDs that are sold internationally.

Brooke's expertise is regularly sought out and featured in yoga and Christian yoga related articles for mainstream newspapers including The New York Times, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Arizona Republic, Everett Herald, and many others. Television interviews include ABC, FOX, NBC and CBS affiliates, as well as Genesis TV in the U.K. and multiple national radio interviews. Born and raised in Tucson, AZ, Brooke now lives in Phoenix with her husband Jarrett and their three children—Jory, Jace and Brynn.